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Regenerative Medicine

Looking for permanent relief from your pain? Not sure you want to go down the surgery road? Then let us introduce you to regenerative medicine, featuring stem cells!

Stem Cells are specialized cells that are able to receive signals from the other cells in your body. Stem cells then seek out inflammation and degeneration andĀ go to that location to begin repairingĀ tissue.

Stem cells have been shown to help repair muscle, bone, cartilage and tendons. Research has indicated that stem cells can benefit a wide variety of health complications and may assist in individuals living stronger, healthier lives.

The type of stem cells which we prefer and utilize are human umbilical cord stem cells, which are collected from hospitals across the U.S. The mother signs a consent form, donating the umbilical cord blood to the hospital after the live birth of a healthy baby. Only cord blood cells from healthy mothers and babies are accepted.

Of course we have more to tell you, and we expect you to have questions. That’s why we host a weekly town hall-like meeting every Wednesday at 6:30pm. Please call 717-490-6227 to reserve your spot!